Project Partners

The project involves nine partners. Read more about each of the partners and their contribution to the project.

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The project is composed of skilled and renowned partners. Read more about each of the partners through the list on the right. Their common goal in this project is to develop green climate walls and optimize their use. The project is coordinated by Danish Technological Institute.

The steering group of this project is comprised of Realdania, Danish Technological Institute, DEAS, Byggros, and Vølund Varmeteknik

The task group of the technical solution consists of three divisions from Danish Technological Institute as well as Vølund Varmeteknik, Byggros, and DEAS. The focus of this group is the development of the technical solution.

The task group of implementation and dissemination is comprised of the participants from the ‘task group of the technical solution’ as well as Frederiksberg Municipality, Frederiksberg Forsyning, Coast to Coast Climate Challenge, and Fremtidens Gårdhaver.