The project partners talk about the project

Watch our short videos and hear our project partners talk about the project and how a heat pump can optimize the use of green walls. The videos provide you with an insight into the different elements of green walls as well as their many advantages and applications.

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Nordic Green Climate Wall

The goal of the project Nordic Green Climate Wall is to promote healthy, efficient, and sustainable construction and, thereby, promote better housing environ-ments. Therefore, a new concept is in the process of being developed. The new concept explores how a heat pump combined with a green plant wall for buildings can optimize the growth of the plants and at the same time produce domestic hot water.

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Article out now!

The article on Living Plants and Energy Production is out now and ready for you to read (In Danish only)

If you would like to know more about the topic you can always revisit the presentations from our recent conference.

You can find the presentations under the tab "News and materials".

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Heat pumps can optimize the use of green walls

See other videos about the development of the new concept.

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About the Project Partners & Funding


The project involves nine partners, and it is supported by the philanthropic association Realdania.

Read more about the project partners and their contribution to the project.

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Conference Presentations

On the 21st of November 2022, the results from the Nordic Green Climate Wall project were presented at a one-day conference.

The presentations are now available and you can take a look at them right here.

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